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✿ FAQ ✿



  • Restock date is every Friday at 8pm EST
  • I rotate the selection of molds every week based on requests through my Instagram comments.
  • Extra shipping costs from multiple orders are always refunded.
  • If a mold is labeled as "B-grade", that means that the silicone mold may have small imperfections that make it less than perfect. These are discounted accordingly.



  • Clean silicone mold with packaging tape to pick up debris.
  • DO NOT USE THE BRAND ART RESIN with your molds, this brand will ruin your silicone molds.
  • DO NOT use direct heat on your molds. There are many ways to get rid of micro bubbles, please check my Instagram stories. Some effective methods include: spraying rubbing alcohol in your resin before pouring, using alcohol inks to color your resin, stirring your resin very slowly, and using a vacuum chamber.


  • Extra shipping costs from multiple orders are always refunded.
  • Shipping times are 1-5 BUSINESS days. If your order includes a pre-order item, shipping times may extend to 2 weeks max depending on order volume. 
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT WHEN ORDERING. If you realize your address is incorrect, email me ASAP. Once orders are sent out, I cannot change the outcome of events. Nor can I give out refunds when it is sent to the wrong place. 



    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do you research before using resin. Resin is a chemical and can cause health risks when it is not used correctly. You should always be using gloves, a respirator mask and working in a well ventilated area! 



    • Pre-order silicone molds are made once the customer purchases the product. There is no stock on hand for these items.
    • Selection of Pre-order molds change periodically.
    • Pre-order molds will remain available to purchase with the exception of high order volumes. 
    • Shipping times may be extended if your order includes a pre-ordered silicone mold. 
    • Max shipping time for pre-ordered items is 2 weeks. I ship orders out as I make them. Please contact me if you experience any problems.


    • All orders are final.

      When you place an order with us please note that the liability is between you and USPS. We do not make any exceptions to this policy.
      We are always happy to replace items that aren't marked as delivered but once the package has been scanned as delivered we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We do have a few recommendations to help track down your package.
      • Confirm that the shipping address you entered in is correct.
      • Visit your local USPS office with tracking handy to see where the mail man dropped off your package
      • Check with neighbors to see if your package got dropped off next door. 
      • Sometimes USPS updates tracking information as "delivered" a few hours or even days earlier than the actual delivery. Please wait at least 48 hours to see if the package turns up.